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Подключение 9300 к инету через BT
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Автор:  nbn [ 07 авг 2008, 21:56 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Подключение 9300 к инету через BT

Это возможно
1 Ставим Gnubox на 9300
Create a full backup of your phone. Remember, this is beta stuff. You may need to format your phone if something seriously goes wrong.
Install GnuBox. Take the .SIS for your phone in the download section.
If you want to enable debugging, create a directory named c:\logs\gnubox. THe detailed event log will appear in this directory if it exists. The log will be named c:\logs\gnubox\gnubox.txt, and the new events will be appended every time you run gnubox. It it gets too big, you can delete it and it will be re-created next time you start something loggable happens.
Open GnuBox. Do not mind any errors 'No rec...' you may see on the screen. Select Options|Debug|Dump Full CommsDB. Allow it to run a few (ten) seconds. After it has finished, look for a commsdb.txt in C:\nokia. Copy this file to you phone and save it for future reference. At any stage of the install/operation if you do a new full CommsDb dump and compare the resulting file with this you save now, you will be able to see all changes GnuBox has done to your phone.
Exit GnuBox with Options|Exit.
Go to the phone control panel and create an internet access point. Name it 'Bt' (without the quotes, take care that case may be significant). Make sure you set it to use 'Data call' as the bearer. (It may be named 'CSD' or 'Dial-up' on your phone. This is the opposite of GPRS.) Set the number to call to something that cannot be called (e.g 321).
Start GnuBox. Now you should see on the screen that the DialOutISP record is found, and the phone number you just entered is printed on the screen. However, the ModemBearer should still show 'No rec'.
Select Options|Install|Create records
Exit gnubox with Options|Exit. (It is not enough to switch to another task and then back to GnuBox.) Start GnuBox again. Now you should see on the screen that the ModemBearer is shown and the 'No rec' error is gone.
Create the bluetooth pairing between your phone and the computer. (If you have already used PC suite via bluetooth then this is already done. If you don't know what pairing means and how to do it, refer to the manual of the phone and the bluetooth software/dongle you use on how to pair the PC with the phone and/or how to use PC suite or the phone as a modem via bluetooth connection. Some )
Set up your bluetooth software to allow incoming connections for serial port service. This is described in the SE phones section above for the different bluetooth softwares I have seen. Also find out the COM port of the incoming BT connection. Example: under WIDCOMM, go to Advanced configuration (either right-click the bt icon or from the bluetooth menu of my bluetooth places). Select the Local Services tab. Look for Serial port service. Make sure it is set to 'Start automatically'. Set it to require encryption. Mark the COM port written in its line. In the following steps I assume it is COM5.

2 Создаем RAS сервер на компе
On the computer go to Control Panel->Telephone and Modem settings. Select Modems tab. Click Add... Select 'Do not detect my modem. I will select it from a list.' Click Next.
Select 'Standard modem types' on the left and select 'Serial communication cable between two computers' on the right. Click Next. Select your bluetooth port (COM5 in my case). Click Finish.
Create a new user. The name is unimportant ('btdialin' for example). Assign it a password. On the phone open the properties of the connection Bt, and set the username and the password to what you have just created. Save the connection settings. If you do not want a normal user to be created, you will have the chance in the next point to create the user only for the dialin (this is recommended).
On the computer go to Control Panel->Network connections. Click 'Create new connection'. Select Next, then 'Create a special connection', then on the next page select 'Accept incoming connections'. In the following page check the 'Communication cable... (COMx)' modem you have just created (at me its on COM5). Then deny VPN connections. On the following page check that particular user you have just created (or much rather create a user here just for this purpose). (Alternatively you need no username/password if you check the box allow local users to access the computer without a password.)
On the following page click TCP/IP and click Properties. Select 'The caller may access the local area network'. If there is a DHCP server on the network, you can either use DHCP to assign IP address to the phone. Alternatively you can set an address range manually. Make sure it works on the network you are connected to. (e.g. if you have a broadband router that assigns addresses with DHCP then you are just fine. If you assign addresses manually, e.g. your computer has an address like then setting a range like is fairly safe. In the case when you manually set the addresses, you may need to set the DNS server address on the phone control panel (in the properties of accesspoint Bt) to the DNS address of your provider.) Close this dialog box, then click Next and Finish.
Activate routing on your computer. Open up the Registry editor by clicking Start -< Run and type 'regedit' (without quotes) then OK. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters . Here you'll have to change the value of 'IPEnableRouter' from 0 to 1. (If there is no such element, select Edit|New|doubleword value or DWORD value. Enter the name 'IPEnableRouter' (without quotes, take care for capital letters) and a single 1 in the value field.) Reboot your machine to apply the settings!
Now go to the phone, launch GnuBox. Select Install->set RAS login script. Then select 2box bluetooth->Serial port. On the upcoming device selection dialog, select your computer, and in the question about encryption click Yes (or OK if you only have that).
Enjoy browsing the web. (Use the access point 'Bt' to connect to.)
You should set to assign IP addresses manually. Set it to a private range, e.g.

Все работает - проверено :)


Автор:  mrdiez [ 09 окт 2008, 00:33 ]
Заголовок сообщения: 

инструкция чувствуеца полезная но можно бы по русски

Автор:  rus_yes [ 06 мар 2011, 21:34 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Подключение 9300 к инету через BT

Очень нужная статья! Очень нужная прога и именно для series80!!! Но к огромному сожалению ссылка уже видимо давно не работает...:-( Помогите кто может! Пожалуйста...

Автор:  mars_l [ 06 мар 2011, 23:05 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Подключение 9300 к инету через BT

rus_yes писал(а):
...Помогите кто может! Пожалуйста...

Вот вам GNUBOX_S80, прога sis-формат, вес архива 46.7 КБ, с инструкцией на русском от Meteor (который пользовался данной прогой). Инструкция применительна с дровами Widcomm.

У меня есть еще прога для всех телефонов, hiisi называется. На ява.

Автор:  rus_yes [ 11 мар 2011, 17:08 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Подключение 9300 к инету через BT

Спасибо за файлик. Эта версия на 9300i начала подавать признаки жизни, но...

GNUBOX-ом пользуюсь давно с N73. Драйвер WIDCOMM + mRouter - все прекрасно.
Уж больно хочется с большим экраном и клавиатуркой интернетить:-)

На 9300i
mRouter пишет Connected. В логе виден некоторый обмен между компом и телефоном.
Acping на 9300 определяет ip по web-имени (DNS - похоже, что работает) а вот сам пинг не приходит,
ну и соответственно опера не работает ни встроенная ни Mini. Что делать?

Автор:  mars_l [ 11 мар 2011, 21:30 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Подключение 9300 к инету через BT

Попробуйте удалить сопряжение на компе и на 9300i, далее снова установки в точности по инструкции от Meteor с архива. У него девайс был 9300 и прога работала. Если и так не сработает, то уж не знаю. Правда, в инструкциии насчет mRouter молчок, возможно Метеор обходился без него.

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